Mario Claudio Díaz

I am a Professor of Physics at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

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The following is a link to my current CV: diaz-cv

My email address is:


The link above would take you to a page where I acknowledge the work performed by my students and try not to take too much credit for me for what they do.


This Fall 2021 I'm teaching Astrophysics (crosslisted as PHYS 6381 and ASTR 3302).

You can acces the materials for this class here: Introduction to Astrophysics.


This is a link to my most recent presentations at meetings or seminars, or at lectures for the general public.


This is a webpage where I would like to make some historical justice to the Native Americans, particularly the Native Argentines. It starts with a tribute to my grandmother and my mother who admitted in her old age, that they lived entre los indios -i.e.among them-.

Welcome to my website

Photo by Lidia Diaz, Perito Moreno Glacier, Santa Cruz Argentina.